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Application Drive – COMBIVERT F5


  • 0.37kW to 900kW
  • Overload up to 216%
  • Optimum control quality
  • Modular system
  • Flexible cooling design
  • Wide motor type range
  • 2-channel encoder feedback
  • Integral functional safety up to PL and
  • plug-in fieldbus connection

Frequency inverter – The COMBIVERT F5 is the standard frequency inverter for controlled and regulated applications for heavy-duty tasks in machine and installation manufacture with performance in stages up to 900 kW. COMBIVERT F5 is the control solution for both asynchronous AC motors and synchronous servo-drives.  The modular software meets maximum demands in terms of speed, torque and breakaway torque with or without encoder feedback. Consistent operation, identical handling, with the same tools, provide aids in practical installation, commissioning and service tasks.